The Good Fight


Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: The Good Fight



Created date

September 23, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 1, Episode 10

Olivia (Andie MacDowell) vows to find a way to make her brother pull his own weight or move out of her home, as an oblivious Will (Cameron Bancroft) starts to overstay his welcome and relies too heavily on her help. Jack (Dylan Neal) tries to smooth things over at the Seattle Courier after he is offered Jeri’s (Julia Benson) job but when Jeri finds out, her fury at being ousted presents Jack with a test of loyalty. Meanwhile, Warren (Brennan Elliott) is seething after he finds out Olivia has sold her share of Charlotte’s house to Buck (Tom Butler) behind his back -- and Buck has no plans to negotiate. Then, Paul (special guest star Colin Ferguson) unwittingly agrees to his first date in Cedar Cove with Alex (Rebecca Marshall) and cold feet find him turning to Olivia for advice on dating after divorce. In the courthouse, Rebecca (Cindy Busby) begins to burn out as she works long hours to prove to Paul she can take on bigger cases but when she finally pushes herself too hard, her roommates are forced to intervene. And as Luke (Jesse Hutch) looks for the right time to share an important realization with Justine (Sarah Smyth), Olivia lovingly supports Jack as he makes a final decision.