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Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Getting To Know You, Part 2



Created date

October 1, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 12

Olivia (Andie MacDowell) is upset after learning Paul (special guest star Colin Ferguson) is leaving Cedar Cove, especially when he refuses to tell her the reason for his sudden departure. At home, she continues to work things out with Jack (Dylan Neal) as his reluctance to open himself up leaves her wanting more from their relationship. Meanwhile, Justine (Sarah Smyth) is beyond hurt when she learns of Luke’s (Jesse Hutch) desire to re-enlist in the Navy but when it doesn’t go according to plan, it’s up to Justine to decide if their romance is meant to last. Then, as Grace (Teryl Rothery) comes to a compromise with Cliff (Sebastian Spence) about their nuptials she can’t hide her disapproval of Maryellen’s (Elyse Levesque) own engagement, worrying her daughter will repeat her mistakes. And more family drama continues when Warren’s (Brennan Elliott) scheme to send Buck (Tom Butler) out of town on a new deal backfires, while Linette (Anna Van Hooft) learns the shocking truth about Gloria’s (Tara Wilson) identity. Then, when Grace’s wedding day finally arrives the whole town comes together to celebrate the happy couple. And when Paul finally divulges the truth about his decision in a bombshell revelation it leaves Olivia – and everyone in this idyllic seaside town – with more questions than answers.