Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Batter Up


Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Batter Up



Created date

September 5, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 7

In Episode 307 – “Batter Up,” Cedar Cove’s annual charity baseball game approaches — and promises to pit the town’s most unlikely rivals against each other. Olivia (Andie MacDowell) and Jack (Dylan Neal) have agreed to work on strengthening their relationship but when Paul (special guest star Colin Ferguson) welcomes his sister Liz (Emily Holmes) to town, he finds she is eager to get acquainted with the beautiful judge who has caught her brother’s attention. Convinced Paul has real feelings for Olivia, Liz pries into his new life, adding more friction to the already tense stalemate between Paul and Jack. Then, as Olivia and Paul work together on an intriguing felony case, Jack lands an exclusive exposé for the Seattle paper. But when Jeri (Julia Benson) refuses to run the story, Jack does everything he can to get it to print and preserve his integrity. Grace (Teryl Rothery) dives into wedding planning but her enthusiasm is dampened by Maryellen’s (Elyse Levesque) lack of support. Meanwhile, Alex (Rebecca Marshall) asks Jack for a deeply personal favor that strains his romance with Olivia even more. Finally, when the residents of Cedar Cove meet on the field for a friendly game of baseball, it only takes a few curve balls for team captains Jack and Paul to see their competition goes beyond baseball — and their unspoken feud could suddenly come to blows.