Before & After: Showstopping Setup


Before & After: Showstopping Setup



Created date

January 31, 2016


Though Rachel and Anthony’s home looks great at first glance but its awkward layout, limited storage, and substandard addition are cramping their style. The couple dreams of finding a spacious worry-free property where they can grow their family, but their underwhelming and undervalued bungalow is holding them back.

In order to jump-start the couple’s future, Jonathan tackles an ambitious renovation that includes a spacious new master bedroom and bath. Later, he comes up with an innovative solution to turn an eyesore into a showstopper. Meanwhile, it’s up to Drew to maximize the couple’s limited budget in a hot real estate market and, along the way, everyone learns an important lesson in compromise.

From Property Brothers - Buying + Selling: Season 3, Episode 19