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The Bachelorette Canada Recap: Bachelor First Impressions

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September 12, 2016

One bachelorette, 20 bachelors, 15 roses, loads of whisky and two backflips - the stage is set for Canada’s first ever Bachelorette to find love! If you’ve not yet watched the Bachelorette Canada premiere - you can do so here.

Jasmine has her work cut out for her as she meets eligible men from across Canada.

She is a fun and free-spirited woman who is ready to find the love of her life. After overcoming personal hardship, Jasmine is ready to put her fears aside to find "the one" who will stand by her forever. So let’s bring on the bachelors!


Limo Entrances:
Excitement and night one jitters are high as the man-procession begins, and some are better at introductions than others.

Kevin W. is first out of the limo, charming Jasmine with a simple hello. He does take a moment to give her a 'first impression' high five, before heading inside. Fireman Mike arrives with an intellectual “Art of War” play, sending a bachelor-filled limo away after his arrival. JP shows up as a butler in the buff - will she remember who he is once he is fully dressed at the cocktail party?
  Jasmine is definitely into Kevin P. when he plays her a song on a ukulele and she seems pleasantly surprised with Chris’ flaming rose invention, despite its obvious safety hazards.

 If Jasmine had any nerves going into this, they've given way to excitement as she is genuinely delighted by the parade of handsome bachelors going great lengths to make a memorable first impression. 

The Cocktail Party:
Once the limo exits are finished, Jasmine meets the guys inside and thanks them for being there. She tells them that she believes her husband is in the room and asks that they just be themselves. As Jasmine mingles with the bachelors, there are a few who stand out in the crowd. 

At the cocktail party, Drew is the first to take Jasmine aside, which seems to work out for him because she finds it pretty sexy. The other guys, however, do not think it is sexy. There is a notable clash between Drew and Chris (the inventor), who notes that “Drew is kind of a jerk”, which Drew confirms when he states that he can “have the pick of the litter” when it comes to meeting women.

 David crushes the competition by serenading Jasmine with an original song. However, he immediately blows it by screaming “TOP THAT” across the room to the rest of the bachelors. She is not impressed and tells him as much, and asks him to think twice before pulling out the bro moves next time.

Tony likes the open bar. A lot. After drinking a thousand whisky drinks, he drunkenly swoops in for the first interruption of the season. But Butler in the Buff JP who has just sat down with Jasmine is not having it. He sits his ground telling Tony that he will have to pick him up from the chair in order for him to move. Jasmine seems like a very chill, down to earth girl, so it’s just a hunch that drunk aggressive behaviour is not a quality she is looking for on her journey to find love.

Jasmine feels instant chemistry with international model Thomas - AKA Sexual Tongue, who claims he is ready and willing to share his life and find love - we’ll see!

Kevin P. is sick with food poisoning and is borderline dying at the cocktail party. But he manages to hang in there during some alone time, which does not go unnoticed by Jasmine.

Mike and Jasmine make a deeper connection than the others when he opens up about losing his mom and explains how it has impacted his past relationships. His vulnerability makes her feel comfortable and she is surprised by how much they have in common. He stands out as genuine in a sea of acts and it is for this reason that he receives the first impression rose. We concur - great first impression Mike! 

Unfortunately, not everyone can receive a rose and five bachelors will not be continuing on this journey with Jasmine. And with that we say goodbye to Dana, Eddie, Ross, Taylor and Tony - we hope you find the love that you are looking for!

Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm E/P to see who Jasmine takes out on her first date! 



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