The Bachelor Canada Recap: Women Tell All

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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Women Tell All

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December 14, 2017

In just one week, Chris will chose either Lyndsey or Mikaela in the dramatic finale of the Bachelor Canada. But we’ve got to put in a pin in Chris’ love story for just a sec to turn our attention to something even MORE dramatic: the Women Tell All.

Things got pretty heated during the special, but let’s start with an LOL. When Meghan first saw Chris, she got the wrong impression. 

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Could Meghan get any more charming? Of all the ladies, Meghan was the hardest to say goodbye to. Her quirks were simply irresistible and she needs to get back on TV ASAP.

Our sweet baby angel says her confidence has grown since the show, which was a major struggle for her throughout the show – and long before that. As Jessie puts it, Meghan found herself on the show and it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Noah says it best: “You didn't find love, but I think I can speak on behalf of Canada when I say we fell in love with you.”

Now, on to someone Canada, uh, didn’t exactly fall in love with. Shanti! Can you believe Shanti was only around for two episodes?! In that time she managed to ruffle the feathers of pretty much every woman in the house and, with Shanti in the hot seat during Women Tell All, they took their revenge.

First off, she doesn’t care AT ALL about being painted as a villain this season. When Noah asked her about it, she just serves up a defiant, cheerful shrug.

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Then she LOLs at the recap of all the nasty things she said about her housemates. She even LOLs at her own dramatics. When she watches back the footage of her locking herself in the bathroom she’s just like:

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When she starts telling Noah about how jelly all the girls were of her, Lisa jumps in Kanye-style, like "Imma let you finish but..." 

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Her defense is that reality TV is a "dramatization" of real life, which, like, sure, but Shanti, girl, it’s pretty clear the cameras could run on you all by yourself and the raw tape would be high drama (and actually… that might be a totally watchable show).  

She claims she had to live with a pack of girly girls who performed a bully brigade. When the words “girly girls” leave her lips Jessie basically leaps out of her seat.

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None of the ladies are having any of Shanti’s explanations. Brittany W, for one, reminds Shanti she body shamed her for being the “biggest girl” in the house and called her an ogre (rude!!!). Shanti tries to claim she was lying about the ogre comment, but Dee said she was there and backs Brittany W up.

When offered a chance to apologize to Dee for telling Chris about her child, Shanti flatly shuts Noah – and Dee – down. Does she have any remorse? Uhhhh, that’s a NOPE.

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After her episodes aired, Shanti’s clearly leaned into the whole villain thing. She could have returned remorseful after seeing her meltdown(s) played back on screen but, for whatever reason, she’s decided to dig in her heels. And hey, at the very least, he defiance is entertaining to watch. A vill’s gotta vill, baby.

On to Villain no. 2!

Noah crowns Brittany M. this season’s most controversial Bachelor contestant, which is basically a big slap in the face to Shanti. Like, Noah. Brittany M. didn’t even lock herself in a bathroom ONE TIME!

Brittany tries to explain her whole “alpha female” thing by saying she loves to inspire women to be confident in themselves which... uh... sorry, what? That doesn’t have anything to do with inspiring women. Maybe Brittany just doesn’t know what alpha means?

She does, however, say she regrets leaving the show instead of sticking it out and fighting for Chris. "I wish I would have stayed to fight it out and tough it out, even through feeling misunderstood," she says.

Speaking of misunderstood, can we talk about Catie? When Catie gets her time with Noah, she goes on and on about how shocked she was that Chris let her go. Apparently she didn’t watch the show back and see all the clues the audience saw.

Then Chris comes out to finally face Catie (looking, BTW, super clean cut and cute). Catie launches into a spiel about how throughout the show she did a lot of talking about not a lot of listening. She says this, mind you, WHILE going on and on, as Chris nods silently. So, is it growth if you recognize your behaviour, but don’t change it? Noah actually has to cut her off.

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Chris explains to her his relationships with Lyndsey and Mikaela were growing faster than his relationship with her and that was his deciding factor. Catie accepts his explanation, but TBH it seems like she’s still going to be shocked for a long time to come.

The special ends with a heartfelt send off from Chris, who thanks the women from the bottom of his heart for joining him on his journey to find love. Then we get a cute little blooper of Chris:

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Oh, Chris. If you think THAT was hard, just wait a week. You have a big decision to make! 

Missed the full episode last night? Watch it online here.

Tune in to The Bachelor Canada Finale Wednesday, December 20 at 9 E/P!



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