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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Two in Costa Rica

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Russ Martin

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October 18, 2017

Welcome to Costa Rica, Bachelor Nation! As Week Two commences, we arrive at Casa Bali, a stunning villa with oceanfront views, three pools and an on-site waterfall. Every morning in Costa Rica, the ladies get to wake up to this stunning view:

It’s the most idyllic locale imaginable, but there’s trouble in paradise from the moment the women settle in. As soon as they arrive, Shanti starts in on the lack of “high quality” women in the competition. 

To no one's surprise, this doesn’t go over so well with the rest of the girls. The Shanti sitch is primed to blow up in a big way, but we’ll get to that in a sec. First: our very first one-on-one date of the season!

Chris selects Lyndsey for a plane ride over Costa Rica. At first pass, it seems like Chris and Lyndsey’s relationship is – forgive me – taking off. He’s into her laidback surfer vibe, but things go south when he asks her how old she is.

Crash landing! Lyndsey’s age is clearly a concern for Chris, but she gets a chance to set the date back on track at a magical, secluded three-storey treehouse. It’s indeed a romantic cap to their date and they cuddle up on a hammock with the sun setting behind them. 

To demonstrate she’s ready for a partnership, Lyndsey tells Chris she was ready to get engaged, then she discovered her boyfriend’s Tinder profile, which advertised he was looking for a “quick, fun time.” (Ouch.)

Lyndsey's openness and honesty calms Chris’ nerves and so he offers her a rose, followed by a kiss. The first kiss of the season! 

Back at the house, Shanti pops off yet again when she discovers she wasn’t chosen for the first group date. Her sense of pacing is way, way off. This is week two, hon. Relax! She accuses the other contestants of "sabotaging her journey" to keep her from getting to the end. We want to shake her, like: “The end?? This is WEEK TWO!”

She calls a house meeting and after a nearly incomprehensible rant she tells the other ladies they’re “literally making me physically sick.” We have to agree with Dee, who says: “I honestly think she’s just really crazy. Like, nuts.”

While Shanti freaks out, five of the other ladies are whisked off to meet Chris for a photo shoot. When they arrive and find Chris on the beach looking dreamy, April literally sprints ahead of the competition and jumps into Chris’ arms.

As soon as he catches her, though, Chris welps, “My back!” Not so cute.

Meghan gets stuck with an 1800s beachwear outfit that makes her look like Malibu Beach Barbie was dressed by a suffragette. Still, she sees the comedy in the look and has fun with the shoot, impressing Chris.

Things don’t go so well for Lisa. Halfway into the photo shoot, Chris gives up on carrying her and her wagging tail and drops her, leaving her to flop around like a fish on dry land.

Looks like the waves might take our Mermaid Girl away.

Catie, meanwhile, scores a kiss while the other ladies watch from a hundred metres away. Meghan’s reaction is priceless.

K, back to The Shanti Show!

She disappears into the bathroom yet again. What’s with this woman and bathrooms? She treats the toilet like a Bat Signal. Brittany M. heeds the call and Shanti seems to think she has an alliance with her, but it’s pretty clear Brittany thinks she’s out of control too.

At a cocktail party that night, Mikeala’s first to steal Chris away. Then when Catie comes to intercept, Mikela ignores her and goes in for a kiss, leading to one of the best reaction shots we’ve seen so far.

Catie misses out on a kiss, but scores something even better: A ROSE. 

The next day, Chris comes by the house to hang with the girls. When he tries to talk to Shanti, she starts trash talking immediately. A word of warning to future Bachelor contestants: the Bachelor rarely wants to hear about the girl drama going on in the house.

After their chat, Chris asks the group how things are going and when the ladies tell him about the friendships they’re forming, Shanti bolts to the kitchen (maybe the bathroom was occupied?) and starts fanning herself on the floor next to a bunch of bananas.

It’s…bananas. (Sorry, had to!)

Chris follows her, but it’s clear he’s growing tired of chasing her. Then she does something that’s simply cruel: she spills the beans to Chris about Dee having a kid. The whole thing is just nasty and you can tell Chris sees is disappointed in the way it goes down.

He gives Shanti one last chance a little later, but all she’ll talk about is house politics. “Do you not feel like our time together is too important to talk about who cleans and who cooks?” he asks her.

"I've spent a total of 30 minutes with you and I'm tired of hearing about other people,” he continues. “I'm asking very kindly if we can part ways now."

BOOM! Chris let's Shanti go free before the rose ceremony. As the other ladies peek over the balcony to watch, Chris walks her out of the house.

He also decides not to give out a rose given all the drama happening and cuts the night short. The next day, he decides to cancel the cocktail party, too, (!!!) and skip straight to the rose ceremony.

Given Shanti’s early exit, Chris sends just one contestant home: Ashley, who failed to make an impression in the first two weeks. For the rest of the girls, love is still alive… at least for now.

Let’s get a toast to that!

Missed last night's episode? Watch it online here.

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