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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Three

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Russ Martin

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October 25, 2017

Yee-haw! Saddle up, because this week’s Bachelor Canada takes us on quite the ride. While Shanti’s red-hot presence has been exorcised from the tranquil Casa Bali, the ladies quickly elected a new villain as soon as she left.

Enter Brittany M. At the top of this week’s episode, Brittany M. is making protein bars packed with sugar, which gives us serious flashbacks to Mean Girls. Is it actually possible she’s going all Cady Heron on them?

The ladies are suspicious of Brittany M.’s cooking because she never actually eats any of the food she makes. The whole thing sounds totally nuts…but also...maybe sort of plausible? Let’s be real, that *does* sound exactly like the kind of trick a Beauty Queen would pull.

We’ll say this: if she is trying to fatten everyone up, that’s some seriously advanced game play.

While tensions are rising at Casa Bali, Chris scoops up four of the ladies – Mikaela, Catie, Meghan and Stacy – for the first date of the week. He has them meet him at an adventure park, where he comes flying down a hill towards them on a zipline like Lady Gaga dropping from the ceiling at the Super Bowl.

Chris is convinced “adrenaline dates” like ziplining are the easiest way to see someone’s true personality. They’re also, however, the easiest way to see your date literally poop their pants in a fit of fear, which is the situation Meghan finds herself in. The poor girl is absolutely terrified. The footage from her GoPro looks more like something from Fear Factor than The Bachelor.

Mikaela, on the other hand, thrives during the date. She’s first to volunteer to zipline and scores another special moment with him while the other ladies ride sans Chris.

After their ziplining adventure, Chris sits down with the four ladies and Mikaela is, once again, first to steal a kiss *and* the recipient of the first rose of the week!

That said, she’s certainly not the only one who deepens their connection with Chris during the date. Stacy’s been hanging back a bit in the competition, but when she gets alone time with Chris, they share a kiss too. (Someone is clearly taking Shawn Booth’s advice to make out with everyone!)

Things are also heating up back at the house but in a totally different way. Jessie from Emo, Ontario (a real place!) leads the charge in accusing Brittany M. of messing with their food, which obvi doesn’t go over very well with Brittany M.

For her part, Brittany M. thinks everyone is just intimidated by her. But, girl, let us tell you a little something: Intimidation is the crazy cousin of Jealousy when it comes to defenses. Sure, someone might be jealous or intimidated of you, but come on. That’s, like, never what’s happening. Usually you’re just not being very nice.

Let’s put a pin in that for a second, because we have much more pressing things to discuss, like how hot Chris looks in his Canadian tuxedo.

This honky tonk look is beyond handsome on Chris. He’s dressed in his best denim for a round of bull riding fashioned as competition: the ladies with the top four times will win a four-on-one date.

Lyndsey is our favourite bullrider of the bunch. She find an, uh, interesting technique for staying on... but it works! She lands one of the spots on the date.

Then there’s Brittany M., who takes the whole thing very, very seriously. She even has a dismount technique, like an Olympic gymnast.

She snags a spot on the date too, along with Lyndsey, Brittany W. and Dee. When they finally get a little alone time, she dispels Chris’ fears that she’s too guarded by explaining she was waiting until she felt safe with him to let her guard down. Then she whispers a little villainously, “I like to get what I want.” And she gets it: an extended makeout session.

Chris kisses Lyndsey too, but it feels a little flat after his lengthy makeout with Brittany M. (If you’re keeping score, that’s four kisses so far!)

Brittany M. is awarded a rose and the other girls are seething that Chris is showing signs he’s into her. The next morning, she casually slips it behind her ear and trots out for breakfast. Aggressive!

While Brittany M. spends the afternoon receiving cut-eye, Kait is whisked away for the all-important one-on-one date with Chris. He teaches her how to surf and flies kites with her on the beach. It’s super precious and sweet.

Kait really opens up to him, explaining she had a boyfriend she was getting serious about who totally ghosted her and admits her biggest fear is that Chris isn't who he presents himself to be. Chris puts her at ease and we see some major sparks. We’re expecting Kait to be around for the long haul!

At the end of the date, Chris offers her a rose. (Oh, and yes: they totally kissed. That’s five kisses for Chris!)

Before the rose ceremony, there’s some last minute shenanigans at the cocktail party. Everyone's expecting Mikeala to hang back because she has a rose, but she interrupts Lisa passionately telling Chris about her squirrel friends for some more one-on-one time.

Dee is upset Mikeala double dips before she gets any time with Chris. Sorry, Dee, but why didn't you grab him first?! 

In the end, it doesn’t matter: Dee’s safe. Brittany W. and April, however, are not. Chris sends them both home, leaving just one Brittany in the competition.

The remaining ladies are certainly relieved, but something tells us they still think there's one too many Brittanys in the house.

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