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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Six

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Russ Martin

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November 15, 2017

We’re back in Puerto Plata for another week of The Bachelor Canada and our resident bad girl Brittany couldn’t be happier...except for the fact that all the ladies hate her.

There’s still mega tension in the house. From the jump, Brittany says she’s “not here to make friends,” which is pretty much the most aggressive thing you can say on the show.

A little spoiler: before things get better, they get a whole lot worse.

At this point all the women basically want to lock Brittany in a closet and scream "no dates for you!" Unfortunately for them, Chris feels differently and selects her for his first date of the week, along with Jessie, Stacey and Meghan.

Chris challenges the ladies to learn to dance "Dominican-style" in front of an audience at a local club.

It does not go well for Meghan. On stage, she looks like she was kidnapped by a rogue cruise ship talent coordinator, then trapped on their boat and made to do the same sad little jig every night.

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Jessie and Stacey both feel a little out of their element, too, but they put everything including their backs into it! 

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From the moment they hit the stage Brittany's dropping it like it’s hot all over place. She even saucily snatches a pair of pumps out of her bag, while the other girls were stuck in sneakers. She finally storms the stage, Showgirls style. This one's a natural!

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Usually Chris is swept away with her sultriness, but this time he’s uncomfortable watching her serve '80s rock video vixen. Like, look at his body language. He looks like he’s getting a lapdance in front of his parents.

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Also, can we talk about Jessie’s pitch perfect (and totally shady) impression of Brittany? So good.

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Brittany clearly thinks she’s a hit, and in a way, she is! She’s clearly the best dancer of the bunch, but she comes across as calculated and it’s not a cute look. The dance definitely hinders her chances for alone time with Chris.

Her in-your-face performance may also be what finally convinces Meghan to confront the dancing queen. When she does, Brittany calls BS on Meghan’s hurt feelings, claiming Meghan twisted her words. We don’t know who’s right because, as Jessie points out, all of Brittany’s big confrontations happen off-camera.

At times, it feels like the women are ganging up on Brittany, but it’s hard to side with her here. When Jessie asks Brittany why she’s on the show, she just gets up and leaves. Bad move, Brittany! Didn’t you learn in high school that when you leave the lunch table, that’s when everyone starts talking sh-t? And this time, it’s in front of the guy you like.

After the other ladies tell Chris about Brittany’s antics, he pulls her aside and asks her what's going on. It’s shocking to see how quickly Brittany folds. After fiercely pursuing Chris, she just gives up. Being the black sheep of the house couldn’t have been easy, but we went from seeing no hint of vulnerability to Brittany completely walking away from the competition – and away from Chris. 

She tells the director she wants to go home. In a very telling moment, he asks her whether she wants to stay for “true love” and she tells him this isn’t true love. GASP.

There you have it. Brittany sends herself home. She leaves without so much as saying goodbye to Chris.

No one is sad to see her go. Least of all Mikaela, who sprints into her one-on-one with Chris the next day and jumps right into his arms.

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They have a playful, PDA-filled day walking around the city hand-in-hand. They roll a few cigars and cheers with some whiskey to a great date.  Then they head to Fortalexa San Felipe, a historic fort on the coast. They have dinner inside the magical fortress against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. It’s peak romance.

And, duh, they kiss! (Kiss count: 1)

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For date number three, Chris introduces Kait, Lyndsey and Catie to an “organic love guide” who shows them how to make love potions to seduce Chris with.

Catie’s first up and even though she’s super into it, her “seduction” is a little uncomfortable. First Chris laughs, just like he did when they were doing yoga together, then she pours hot wax on him and it just looks like it hurts.

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Earlier in the season, Catie and Chris had a lot of chemistry, but it seems to have evaporated. Still, they *do* share a kiss. (Kiss Count: 2)

Lyndsey has a much hotter seduction. It quickly turns into a very hot make out sesh. (Kiss Count: 3)

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She leaves with evidence Chris was just as into it right on her dress.

Kait’s last to go and gives Chris a 'threesome' of potions – one to get him started, one to keep him going and one to finish him off. She also pulls a move reminiscent of her outfit reveal entrance; before she starts her seduction, she slips right out of her dress.

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Chris clearly appreciates her dedication to the art of seduction. (Kiss Count: 4) He says his attraction to her is 'skyrocketing,' so it’s no surprise when he hands her the rose (after Catie and Lyndsey basically offer their hearts to him in intimate chats - eek!).

At the final cocktail party, Chris admits he’s struggling to open up and let all the ladies in, which seriously freaks everyone out. Stacey grabs him for alone time first and offers him comfort and talks it out with him. Chris seems to really appreciate her ear…and her lips. (Kiss Count: 5)

Meghan wastes her time with him rehashing the Brittany sitch. Silly!

Next up is Catie and once again their energies are super mismatched. Their talk kind of goes like this:

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Chris is concerned Catie is way too intense for him and can never just chill. He’s clearly attracted to her, and she says she has totally fallen for him, but something between them is totally off.

At the rose ceremony, Chris throws us a curveball and sends Meghan home. It’s a big surprise: after Catie’s haphazardous week with Chris, she seemed primed to be sent packing.

Meghan’s exit is the toughest of the season so far. We’ve gotten to the point where we feel like we know each of the girls and Meghan specifically is so pure and sweet. It sucks to see her go, even if it’s what’s in Chris’ best interest.=

He does, however, do the gentlemanly thing and walks her to the car for a proper, heartfelt sendoff, but it’s still sucks to see her go. 

Tune in to a new episode of The Bachelor Canada Wednesday at 9 E/P followed by The Bachelor Canada After Show at 10:30 E/P! 


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