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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Four

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Russ Martin

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November 1, 2017

Sun’s out, fun’s out! When we drop down on the ladies of Bachelor Canada this week, they’re all smiles and sangria, chilling poolside in paradise.

JK! They’re more like a pack of lady wolves circling round Brittany, waiting to strike. Jessie’s feud with Brittany is weighing heavy on the house, casting a dark tension into even the most sun-soaked of Casa Bali’s rooms.

Jessie has branded Brittany as fake and it seems like most of the women have bought stock in that narrative. But is it actually true? If anything, Brittany may be the realest of the bunch. It’s crystal clear she’s there for Chris, not for friendships with the girls. If she’s polite to them, is that fake, or just a mildly catty version of courtesy?

Take Brittany’s reaction to the first date card as an example. When her name’s read along with Stacey, Kait and Jessie, Brittany announces she prefer the one-on-one. That’s bold, but it’s as direct as can be.

Chris’ first date this week, a pool party, provides our first real peek at his Bachelor pad, Casa Acuario. His temporary home is impressive, but it’s a little hard to take in when Chris is literally dripping with sexiness.

If there’s a way for Chris to be glistening *all* of the time, we’d be here for that.

To Brittany’s dismay, Jessie’s first to at the party to get alone time with Chris. He says he’s intrigued by her and tells her he can see himself with her, which is a pretty big deal. Jessie’s also first to kiss Chris this week (Kiss Count: 1), but their make out sesh has an audience – Kait and Brittany peek over the side of the infinity pool and catch them in the act.

Chris also reveals a very specific dealbreaker: “If I push you in the pool and you get upset, I don’t think it’s going to work out between us.” That’s not a problem for these ladies, who turn their water fight into a flirt fest. They also provide a welcome second helping of super soaked sexiness.

After the water fight, they retire to a cocktail party where Brittany quickly pulls Chris aside for a makeout sesh (Kiss Count: 2). It gets steamy! They undoubtedly have a lot of chemistry, but that’s not exactly what we were paying attention to. Did you notice Brittany kissing Chris with one eye open?

Like, who cares if she’s “fake”?! She kisses WITH ONE EYE OPEN!!! That’s the thing we should all be talking about. 

Chris gives this week’s first rose to Jessie, who he says “came out of nowhere” in the competition. Brittany’s pressed by the choice, obviously.

On the second date, Chris takes Lisa, Lara, Lindsey, Meghan, Mikaila and Dee to a grade school to learn how to write a “bomba” – a traditional Latin American poem.

Lisa and Lara’s attempt lands with a thud. A sample: “If this bomba doesn't get us the rose, have fun with those other hoes.”

It doesn’t go over well with Chris.

Lyndsey and Dee start strong, but once they get going…oy. It’s not good. They forget lines, almost nothing rhymes and they can’t make it through without giggle breaks.

They try to amp things up with a little gymnastics as a finale, but Dee just ends up flashing her bra to a bunch of school kids. It’s top notch awkward.

Mikaila and Meghan are the only team to get the whole “bomba” thing right. Meghan shows off her singing skills and their rhymes are passably clever. Top marks! Chris thinks so too and selects them for the win. But there’s a twist: they have to bomba battle in order to score the one-on-one time with Chris.

Mikaela pulls out some impressive rhymes and wins the prize: a little putt putt with Chris. She pulls the old, “Can you help me with my swing?” trick and gets closer with Chris. They kiss at every single hole! (Kiss Count: 3)

Afterwards, Chris takes Mikaela to a quiet restaurant where a live band serenades them as they dance and kiss. It’s a super romantic date and it ends in the perfect way: with a rose.

While Chris and Mikaela dance the night away, Jessie sits down for a chat with Brittany at Casa Bali and accuses her of acting fake.

Brittany writes the claim off as jealousy and tells Jessie to mind her business. Then she flips her ponytail as Jessie takes off in the other direction. Absolutely zilch is accomplished by the chat.

The big one-on-one this week goes to Catie, who meets Chris at a peace retreat for some sensual yoga. It's a date tailor-made for her, but it actually kind of tanks. Chris is uncomfortable and laughs every time his face is close to Catie’s (that’s not exactly what a woman wants during an intimate activity, Chris!).

They have a glass of champagne by the pool after yoga and give the “eye gazing” they tried at yoga another go. This time around Chris is at ease. No giggling!

Chris feels safe around Catie and that can go a long way. The date shows she has huge potential in the competition and they close the night out with a passionate kiss in the pool. (Kiss Count: 4)

At the final cocktail party, Lyndsey’s first to pull Chris aside at the cocktail party. Before they even get a chance to talk, Chris goes in for a kiss. (Kiss Count: 5)

Next up: Lisa, but when she finally gets him alone, it starts to rain. At first she’s disappointed, but Chris goes in for a rain kiss (Kiss Count: 6) and honestly, what could be more romantic?

When Brittany gets her turn, they kiss too. We’re going to have to start a Kiss Count specifically for Brittany! She’s got to have the highest Kiss Count of all the girls.

Much lower on the Kiss Count is Dee, who tells Chris she's ready for a commitment. Valid, but premature considering they’ve had almost no one-on-one time.

Chris is honest with her: "I can't give you the answers that you want and that you deserve."

He deals with Dee with decency, sending her home when it’s just the two of them instead of in front of the group. It sucks to see a sweetheart go, but Chris let her down in the easiest way possible.

At the rose ceremony, Chris sends Lara, another sweetheart, packing. It’s a bummer to see two great women go home, but both decisions are sound. Chris has much stronger connections with the ladies who remain.

Plus, he has a surprise in his pocket to bring up the mood. Next week the ladies are headed to the Dominican Republic. See ya there!! 

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