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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Five in Dominican Republic

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Russ Martin

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November 8, 2017

Hellooooooo, Puerto Plata! This week on the Bachelor Canada Chris and the ladies roll into the beautiful Dominican Republic, which Chris considers his second home.

With a brand new paradise before them, the girls are ready for a little less drama and a little more fun. JK again! Brittany vs. The World Pt II kicks off when Chris selects her to show around the country he played baseball in for five seasons for his first date.

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After Mikaela reads Brittany’s name, all we see is a sea of pursed lips. The other ladies don’t even pretend to be excited for her. Not one of them is happy to hear her name.

Mikaela says thinking about Brittany on a romantic date with Chris makes her feel like she’s going to “throw up on herself.” Cue gross out face.

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Nothing the ladies say, though, will stop Brittany from having the time of her life with Chris. On the romantic scale, their date's a 10. It kicks off with a helicopter ride and the view is incredible, but Brittany is more interested in kissing than a beautiful coastline (Kiss Count: 1). They make out a lot. Like, a lot a lot! They make out so much it’s actually too much for Chris.

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The helicopter flies right over the hotel where the girls are talking smack about Brittany. They’re questioning Pageant Brittany’s authenticity, claiming she’s just a sneaky liar with a sash.

Then the big guns come out. The quintessential Bachelor question is posed: is Brittany here for The Right Reasons? Lyndsey spills the beans that Brittany passed a note to Chris and everyone FREAKS OUT.

Sorry, but what’s the big deal about a little love note? She wasn’t even trying to be secretive about it. She told Lyndsey what she did! Also, y’all, Chris didn’t care. He thought the note was super romantic. And, sidebar: who really wants to date a stickler for the rules?

While the ladies are bashing Brittany, she and Chris are clinking champagne in a toast to – get this – the rules! Brittany’s just trolling us now, right?

Chris and Brittany have passion but he's nervous their relationship won't evolve to something meaningful. He admits Brittany comes on strong, but says this date is the most romantic day of his life.

And then, right before the date is over, she does it again: just like last week, she kisses with one eye open, shooting a glance playfully at the camera. IT! IS!! CREEPY!! ! ! ! !

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Chris’ feelings for Brittany are super strong, but after that eye, we can barely even pay attention to the end of the date. What we’ll tell ya is this: Chris feels like things are moving past the physical connection he has with Brittany. No matter what the other women think of her, she has Chris in her palm for now. The rose is hers.

For date no. 2, Chris takes Meghan, Jessie and Kait deep sea diving. Chris kisses a fish and normally we wouldn’t count that towards our Kiss Count, but this *is* the second fish he’s kissed this season, so it’s fair game. (Kiss Count: Two)

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Meghan may be from Newfoundland, but she gets seasick out on the boat. While Jessie comforts her, Kait sneaks in and chats up Chris, which Jessie thinks is super fishy. Ba-da-ching!

At the post-date cocktail party, there’s some major tension between Kait and Meghan too. Kait thinks Meghan is jealous of her worldliness and Meghan thinks Kait’s an annoying snob. Kait proves Meghan is at least a little bit right: when Jessie lets Kait in on Meghan’s plan to tell Chris she wants him to take her more seriously, she bursts into a fit of laughter.

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Meghan’s plan actually goes really well. Chris tells her she radiates goodness and has the biggest heart ever. She scores a kiss and the coveted rose! (Kiss Count: 3)

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At the hotel the next day, the women confront Brittany and accuse her of breaking the Girl Code. Brittany claps back, unbothered, telling them rules are made to be broken. She straight up serves it to them, telling them she doesn’t care how they feel about her note, that this is a competition, and her date with Chris was f-cking awesome, K?

Brittany may have won that fight, but there’s still plenty of game left – including an actual baseball game. For date no. 3, Chris invites Mikaela, Lisa, Stacie, Catie and Lyndsey to play pickup with some pint-sized local players.

Lyndsey’s the MVP and wins bonus time with Chris, but Lisa steals the show by sliding into first base.

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Chris and Lyndsey enjoy a little champagne in the rain after the game. They kiss (Kiss Count: 4) but then it goes from hot to cold. It almost looks like Lyndsey’s kiss… kills Chris?

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Chris can't get Lyndsey's age out of his head. He feels like Lyndsey's trying to be someone older and doesn't want to force her into adulthood. When he brings that up to her, thunder literally starts cracking all around them. Kids, this is not a good sign.

Chris “pushes his chips” in on Lindsey and offers her a rose, but will he truly be able to get past her age? Time shall tell.

On to the final cocktail party and rose ceremony! Catie finally gets some time with Chris and tells him she thinks he’s “her destiny.” It’s a little intense for Chris. Brittany slides in for time with Chris because she will NOT dull her sparkle just because she has a rose. They make out again because of course they do.

Cue even more gross out faces from Mikaela.

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At the rose ceremony, Lisa gets sent home to her squirrels. It makes sense: their relationship was stalled. Chris was amused by her quirkiness (who wouldn’t be?), but they’re connection wasn’t getting any deeper than that.

Plus, he’s a human and she’s a mermaid. It just wasn’t meant to be.

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