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9 Things We Wish We Had Known About Post-Divorce Dating

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By Cara Waterfall, iVillage.ca

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September 11, 2013

Divorce papers have been signed, sealed, and delivered. You’re free, but now you’ve been thrown back in the dating pool. I know, horrifying, right? When was the last time you had to play ‘getting to know you’?

Putting yourself out there can be daunting, which is why we’ve sourced a few tips for your entry into the world of post-divorce dating.

1. Update your look
You don’t need to shave your head or adopt a penchant for piercings, but updating your look can get you excited about re-entering the fray. Consider a haircut, trying new make-up or buying that dress you’ve had your eye on. It sounds simple, but sometimes these outward changes manifest themselves on the inside and help re-build your self-confidence.

2. Keep first dates short and stress-free
You’ve been out of the dating game for a while, so take some of the stress out of your first ventures. Not every date needs to be accompanied by candlelight and a trio of troubadours. Mini-dates can be just as satisfying: meet for a walk through the park or a cup of coffee. By keeping dates short and sweet, you don’t have to make the larger investment of time and money. And don’t forget the escape hatch! Having plans directly after the date will reduce the pressure.

3. Don’t skew too young or old
True love can transcend categories as shallow as age, right? Not so, says one recently separated man: “All clichés aside, dating somebody much older or younger decreases the amount of common ground you’ll have.”  There are always exceptions to this rule, of course, but if you’re looking to build a relationship, it’s good to start with someone who recognizes your cultural references.

4. Be selective
When the recently divorced re-enter the dating world, some go on a dating “rampage” to prove that they’re still sexually desirable. But this can lead to all sorts of problems (not just the obvious health and safety ones). You might end up with that guy who always forgets his wallet or even worse, saying yes to the snore-fest of a guy your parents have been trying to set you up with since you were an infant (and having to screen ‘how *was* it?’ calls from your Mom). Slow down and think quality, not quantity.  

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