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5 Roles Uma Thurman Slayed

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Natalia Buia

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February 21, 2017

If you're a fan of Uma Thurman, you better tune in to this week's episode of Imposters, airing Tuesday, February 21 at 10 E/P! In it, she plays the role of Lenny Cohen, a mysterious woman you don't want to mess with.

From Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill, the model-turned-actress is no stranger to playing a role that allows her to be a total bad-ass. It's a typecast she's certainly not complaining about! As we impatiently await for her debut on Imposters, here are 5 of our favourite empowering Uma Thurman roles. 

The Bride in Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2
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The Bride in this Quentin Tarantino series is arguably the all-time best action heroine. She's a fully fleshed-out, three-dimensional character with impressive physical and mental strength. She's on a solitary mission to seek revenge and isn't relying on a knight in shining armor. She can achieve her goals all on her own which is totally empowering (minus all the violence and stuff, of course). The Bride breaks every stereotype about what a strong woman should be and therefore remains the most bad-ass assassin in cinema history. 

Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction
As the cocaine addict and wife of a gangster, Mia Wallace isn’t exactly a role model. But there’s something impressive about a woman who can use charm to threaten her husband's organization. Mia's the dominant female character in the entire movie, and is portrayed as alluring, authoritative and intelligent, all characteristics to aspire to. (Just say no to drugs!)

Ulla in The Producers
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Cast alongside Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, Uma steals the show playing Ulla, a beautiful Swede who becomes the producers' secretary when she auditions for their play. Ulla is a bad-ass because she isn't afraid to flaunt her stuff. She knows she's a beautiful woman and isn't afraid to say it. What's more attractive than a woman with killer confidence? 

Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin
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This campy film received mixed reviews when it first came out and many critics regarded her portrayal as the flamboyant villainess Poison Ivy as the only good reason to watch. The vampy half-woman half-plant can infatuate a man with her breath and kill him with a kiss. She even managed to turn Batman against Robin! 

Rebecca Duvall in Smash 
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Hollywood actress Rebecca Duvall so badly wants to play Marilyn Monroe on Broadway, that she does everything in her power to see it through. In the 5 episodes she was on, the blonde bombshell brought a new dynamic on set, causing drama everywhere she turned. Sometimes you stir the pot, and sometimes you're in the pot getting stirred. Rebecca had a strategy from the get-go which takes a lot of guts. 

We can't wait to see how her new character Lenny Cohen unfolds on Imposters. Watch brand new episodes Tuesdays at 10! 


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