5 Reasons We're Excited Nashville's Coming Back

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5 Reasons We're Excited Nashville's Coming Back

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Natalia Buia

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May 26, 2017

It's time to dust off our cowboy boots because Nashville's back and we're in for another wild ride. 

This Thursday, June 1 at 9 E/P our favourite country music drama returns with more heartwrenching episodes and thrilling plottwists.  Yes, we're so excited to swoon over Gunnar and those puppy dog eyes of his but there's plenty more to look forward to as Season 5 continues.

1. We're Excited to Find Out Who the Father of Scarlett's Baby Is

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Last time we saw the Southern Belle, she revealed to her on-again, off-again BF Gunnar she's pregnant. Now we'll finally see if this has any impact on the tour they just launched and if this will hinder their working relationship. After all, Scarlett did have that hot, steamy hotel romp with music video director Damian right before she discovered a bun in her oven.

Is it Damien's? Is it Gunnar's?

To be honest I'm kind of hoping Damien's the dad. Sorry to those who ship ScarGun but I just can't deal with their flip-flopping anymore! If Damien's the father that gives Scarlett the opportunity to start a new relationship and to FINALLY put this Gunnar drama in the past. 

2. We're Exciting to See Who Rachel Bilson Plays

From the Hart of Dixie to the heart of Nashville, beloved actress Rachel Bilson is set to make her first appearance on the show when Season 5 returns. There's not a whole lot we know other than the fact she plays a character named Alyssa Greene who works for Highway 65. My guess is she's taking over for Rayna (RIP!).

Judging by this photo with Deacon, she seems to be getting along with the Claybornes just fine. Maybe a little too fine? If Alyssa becomes the first love interest for Deacon after his wife's death, I'm totally on board. Although I was kind of hoping to see her paired up with Gunnar. 

3. We're Excited For More New Music 
I don't know about you but since the hiatus I've just been listening to "Hurricane" while crying in fetal position. I'm itching for new material!

Luckily, there's a brand new soundtrack about to be released and we'll be giving away 5 signed copies on social (Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!).

The Music of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 5 Volume 2 will feature 11 brand new tracks that will coincide with the upcoming episodes to finish out the dramatic season. Expect to see a couple gems featuring the late Rayna James a.k.a. Connie Britton. She may be gone but the music will always live on.

4. We're Excited to See Daphne Grow Up 
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Okay, let's be real here. Maddie is like the Marsha Brady of Nashville and the whole Clayborne family in general. Many of us loved watching Maddie blossom from a shy and nerdy kid to a strong and outgoing young woman. There's no doubt the rest of Season 5 will prove what a huge star she really is.

But, now more than ever, I'm curious to see how Daphne's life pans out. With her mom gone and her biological father still in jail, not to mention her older sister going her seperate way, what will Daphne get up to this year? A new crush at school, perhaps? Or maybe she'll pursue a new music project all on her own. We can't wait to watch this little bird take flight.

5. We're Excited for More Juliette Barnes Diva Moments
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Definitely the brightest star in the galaxy. Juliette Barnes is slated to rule the charts once again. Girl can record gospel albums all she wants but we all know Juliette's destined to be a pop star. In the Season 5B trailer we posted, we see her all glammed up in her signature sequined look on a huge stage. This can only mean one thing: The Diva has landed!

By far, Juliette is the most entertaining character when she's in her element. After watching her battle depression and a life-threatening accident last year, we want nothiing more than to see her go back to her old ways again. It made for some seriously entertaining television.  


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