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5 Pretty Ways To Use Mason Jars This Summer

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Desta Ostapyk

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June 12, 2014

Mason jars are an easy and inexpensive way to accessorize a space and give it a shot of cuteness. And they're totally practical! Here are five of my favourite ways to use mason jars.

1. Drinking Glass

A mason jar is a great vessel for a refreshing summertime bevy. They are inexpensive, dishwasher friendly and add a quirky element when entertaining. Next time you have your friends over for a backyard BBQ bust these out and serve them my favourite summer drink.

Dest-ahhhhh's Lemonade

1/2 cup of lemonade

1 cup of soda water

2 sprigs of fresh mint

1 shot of gin (I like Bombay)

1 lemon slice

1 mason jar (or glass)

1 straw 


Put the mint into the mason jar; mull the mint to release the oils/flavours. Pour your shot of gin into the glass and stir with the mint. Add your lemonade then soda water. Garnish and sip away. Enjoy!

2. Tea Light Holder

Mason jars are great for indoor/outdoor entertaining. The jara can be used as tea light holders. The bottom of the mason jar has a slight curve; I find that by adding a small amount of sand to level out the bottom first and then adding your candle works best. You can also use rice, or if you wanted to add some colour you can try dried beans or lentils instead of the sand.

3. Vase

I love having fresh flowers around the house – especially when entertaining. A mason jar is the perfect size vase for a front entry table, powder room or a centrepiece. You don't need a lot of flowers to fill it. I love to go out into my backyard and take a couple of clippings from whatever happens to be in bloom at the moment. It adds beauty to your home or table at a very low cost.

4. Crafts 

These jars are fantastic for crafting! You can use them to make snow globes, tiny terrariums or even a gnome garden. This simple-to-make gnome garden is a fun little decorative element to add to a child's bedroom, office or living room. See it here

5. Toothbrush Holder

When my toothbrush holder broke, I was scrambling around the house trying to find something I could use in the meantime before purchasing a new one. I found a mason jar in my cupboard and tossed my brush in and voila! I love the simplicity of it, and again, dishwasher-safe for freshening up and inexpensive! 

xo Desta


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