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4 Reasons Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

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Jen Kirsch

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July 31, 2014

If you’ve ever sat at a restaurant on a night out with friends and noticed an older gent with a much obviously younger little lady, chances are you’ve plotted that he’s with her for her beauty and she’s only with him for his money. However, if you have friends who have partners many years their senior, you’ve likely detected a deep bond and connection and fail to notice their age difference.

I interviewed men in their thirties through sixties to find out why their younger women stole their heart. Here's what I found out.

Like breeds like
Men are attracted to likeminded women. They’re more fulfilled dating someone who is likeminded. They hang out at the same places and have a similar group of friends, interests and lifestyle. As a 40-something I interviewed says, “There are plenty of very attractive women in their 40s and I word never be opposed to dating them, I just never seemed to meet them. People do the things they do, go to the places they go, and end up meeting people along the way. For me, those people were never my age. They were always really great women about 10 years younger.”

They are optimistic
Younger women tend to be less jaded and carry less baggage, making them fantastically optimistic. They see things with a fresh eye, as opposed to a hurt one. We all have emotional baggage, no matter what our age, but younger women tend to come with less history and baggage making it a more pleasant and easy relationship to have and maintain.

Younger women tend to be less jaded and carry less baggage, making them fantastically optimistic.

For a trophy
Though men have to have a deep bond and connection with someone to date them, they do admit to the superficial as well, as an original attraction. As a forty-something friend of mine says, “I'd be lying if I didn't say physical beauty plays a role - it's hard to beat the stock looks you get with youth.” A sixty-something I spoke to shared a similar sentiment, expressing that in his age group, it puts out an image to others that he’s “still got it.” 

They can be more fun
There’s a sense of playfulness that comes with dating a younger woman. A younger woman likely doesn’t come with too many responsibilities and is open to trying new things. However, an older gent I interviewed clarifies by saying, “I think it's unfair to say they are 'more' fun. I date younger women that do the fun 'things' that I do. Women my age are plenty fun, I just never meet them. They don't do the things I do or go to the places I go.”

Have you dated an older man, and what made him fall in love with you? Do you know men like George Clooney or Johnny Depp who in real life only seem to date younger? Chime in below!


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