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20 Questions for Drew and Jonathan

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December 2, 2013

Identical Twins Drew and Jonathan Scott are everywhere this year. From their popular W Network shows Property Brothers and Buying and Selling to their new radio show Off Topic with their brother J.D, it's no surprise these hard-working sibs are getting such high-profile recognition. This year People Magazine included the handsome brothers in their annual Sexiest Men Alive list, citing them as helping "families flip fixer-uppers, though neither of them seems to need any fixing”.

As part of their special appearance as Guest Editors for iVillage Canada this week, iVillage Canada is kicking off the week with 20 Questions to get to know them a bit better.
Which one would your parents say was the evil twin?
Jonathan: I suppose they consider me the good son, because I always go to the ranch if something needs to be fixed.
Drew: Jonathan was the mischievous one, he was always getting into some kind of trouble. I would say he was the evil twin.
Jonathan: [grumbles]

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Jonathan: I wanted to be a “Flowerman”. I got up in front of the class, everybody wanted to be a police officer, a fireman, I said I wanted to be a flowerman. Not even a florist.
Drew: Early on I wanted to be a cowboy, following in my dad’s foodsteps. He came over from Scotland when he was 16, and because he’d watched old Westerns when he was a boy, he wanted to be a cowboy. So we grew up on a ranch and that was it.
Did you have nicknames in school and would you share them?
Drew – I always had an opinion on most things and I always tried to help my friends too that were having a hard time, and so the used to call me The Coach.
Jonathan: I used to perform as a magician under the name Jonathan Silver. And because I was tall, they called me Long John Silver.
In your fridge right now, we would find…?
Jonathan: leftover sushi from last night
Drew: I’m a health nut, Jonathan makes fun of this you’ll find my protein shakes and certain supplements
Coffee or tea?
Jonathan: Neither of us drink coffee, but I’ll occasionally get green tea when I go for sushi
Drew: Just a water for me.
Salad, fries, or half-and-half?
Drew: half and half .
Jonathan: Half and half. A little bit of fat isn’t going to kill you.
If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, it would be?
Drew and Jonathan (in stereo): Sushi
If you could be a virtuoso at any instrument, what would it be?
Jonathan: Well right now my goal is to learn piano. I’m going to start taking lessons. I’d love to just be able to enter a party and get it going if there’s a piano sitting empty.
Drew: I play a little bit on my guitar – my dad used to play professionally, and it would be amazing to play as well as him, especially with some of the Spanish tunes where your hands move so quickly.
Best words of advice you’ve ever been given?
Jonathan: From my dad, just Be true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in.
Drew: Our parents always said never take no for answer. And I’ve always liked the expression “those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t stand in the way of those who are doing it”.
City with the best architecture?
Drew: We travel a lot, we love the architecture in Florence, but we take influence from all over the globe. Even now in Atlanta, there’s some great architecture here. That said, where we live in Vegas, there aresome of the most impressive buildings in the world. All the casinos are constantly trying to one-up each other.
Jonathan: Florence is one of my favourite places on the planet.
Place in the world you would want to call home
Jonathan: I’ve always had a dream about having a castle in the hills of Scotland.
Drew: I’d say for me, Vegas is good home. But I would even say Paris-- my girlfriend really likes it, and it would be a great place to call a Spring or Summer home.
Speaking of girlfriends, do you vet each other’s girlfriends?
Jonathan: We’re pretty honest with each other and always have been. So if someone enters the mix who is not a good fit, we’re the first to say it
Drew:  I don’t believe in holding my tongue, I think whether people like me or not, I think it’s a good thing to be honest.
Answer this question: I wish more people knew about the powers of…
Drew: Twins! We really do have special powers.
Jonathan:The power of the mind – it’s unbelievable what people can accomplish when they put their minds to it. Even overcoming their own fears and illnesses. We create a lot of our hurdles in our minds, and we can also resolve them.
Best book you’ve read in the past year?  
Drew: Eat Pray Love because I saw a Ted Talk with the author.
Jonathan: I read a lot of science journals – last book I read was Steve Martin’s biography.
Design trend you can’t wait to be over?
Drew: Can I name a fashion trend? High-waist jeans that make everyone’s butt look two feet long – I do not like that.
Jonathan: Modern design can be so underwhelming wen done so badly – even though they have clean lines, it can be so uncomfortable and bare.
Design trend you with more people were into?
Jonathan: I’d say a little bit of hipster, a little bit of character. Adding some personality to what you are into.
Drew: A lot of people feel that rustic or traditional pieces have to feel old, but you can take a modern design and infuse one rustic or older element into it, it can really make a modern design pop.
Celebrity crush?
Jonathan: Taylor Swift (full disclosure, this is Drew picking for Jonathan)
Drew:  Emily Blunt
If you had to take up residence in a celebrity home, whose would it be?
Jonathan - David Copperfield.
Drew – Oprah – I’d be roommates with her for a while, I’d bet we’d have some great conversations
Latest song obsession:
Drew: Royal
Jonathan:  Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball  
How does it feel to have been shortlisted for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?
Drew:  We are flattered to be included among such talented people. We are lucky to be able to share what we love doing with everyone - helping people find their dream home is such a reward for us. We have so much fun, it's unbelievable the work we actually get done!

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