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Jillian Harris's Healthy Casserole Recipe

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Jillian Harris

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January 14, 2014


If you’re anything like me, you’re just now crawling out of your holiday food coma – I blame it on all the turkey, stuffing & dessert…oh yeah ANNND all of those New Year’s Eve treats!! Whoops! Anyway, it’s only a couple days into 2014, but I’m already craving healthy food. Sticking with my goal to start this New Year right, I decided to whip up this SUPER DELICIOUS and super good-for-you vegetarian casserole. It was kind of the perfect dish after a holiday spent stuffing myself, especially since it’s vegetarian….I don’t even want to see ham & turkey & bacon, until next Thanksgiving! Oh, did I also mention that it’s incredibly easy to prep and make?? Cause I’m also done with cooking for a little while too!

Here goes…


The casserole feeds 4-6 people and lasts for a few days, just needs to be heated up in the microwave the next day.

In a bowl - mix: 

8 eggs (can use egg whites if you are going super healthy)

1 cup of light cottage cheese

1 tsp of italian seasoning

Salt and pepper

1/2  cup leftover cheese (any of your favs will do!) 

Seperately - find ALL the veggies in your fridge that need to find a home. Throw them together until you have about 2 cups of veggies. Mushrooms, tomatoes, zuccini, green peppers,  broccoli, asparagus…the list goes on.

Blanche the 'hard veggies', like broccoli or asparagus, until al dente. Slice & set aside.

in a greased deep baking dish, pour half egg mixture, then a thin layer of a mix of the veggies. Add the rest of the egg mixture followed by the rest of the veggies, topped with the cheese mixture.

Bake at 350F until the casserole has cooked all the way through.  

Cool for about 10 minutes, serve & enjoy! 

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